White Cedar Bird Feeders

White Cedar Bird Feeders
History of Ridge Bird Feeders

I started making this style of White Cedar Bird Feeders in 1996 because I did not want to have to fill my feeders every day. I have been producing feeders over the years but not on a regular basis. I have customers in Central Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York. Some have migrated to Florida with customers and friends when they moved South.

I have spent the majority of my adult life building houses and restoring homes. At this time, I have decided to shift gears and work full time building White Cedar Bird Feeders for our feathered friends. Over, the years, birds have never failed to amaze me.

I have built feeders out of all different types of materials and cedar performs best. The perching sections receive the most battering over time. Bird feeder damage is usually caused by raccons and red squirrels.

I decided to build a quality feeder that held a minimum of 10 quarts of bird seed so I would not have to constantly refill them.

At this time I have produced two styles of feeders.

Square feeders in five sizes, holding from six to twenty-four quarts and two rectangular feeders that hold between ten and twenty quarts of seed. All parts are milled in my shop and each feeders is assembled before shipping. Mounting depends on the customer's needs, whether the feeder will be hung or mounted on a 4" x 4" railing.

I hope you enjoy these feeders as much as I do. I also look forward to hearing back from avid bird watchers like myself, so please drop me a line at info@ridgebirdfeeders.com.

Thank you,

Bill Cote
Founder, Ridge Bird Feeders
Dixmont, Maine

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White Cedar Bird Feeders