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Thanks for stopping in to Ridge Bird Feeders, where we take pride in building the finest Large Capacity White Cedar Bird Feeders available. We offer a wide selection of wild bird feeders with the capacity to hold up to 24 quarts, or 21 pounds of food. If you are looking for a Decorative Bird Feeder then you've come to the right place because bird feeders are our specialty with various different types of bird feeders such as Cedar Bird Feeders, Custom Bird Feeders, Wild Bird Feeders, Fly Thru Bird Feeders, Open Bird Feeders, Backyard Bird Feeders, Hopper Bird Feeders, Wooden Bird Feeders, Colored Bird Feeders, Platform Bird Feeders, Wood Bird Feeders, Cedar Bird Feeders and many other Bird Feeders for all your bird feeding needs.

  • Large Capacity Feeders
  • Custom Feeders Available
  • Variety of Colors and Finishes
  • Optional Deck and Pipe Mounts Available
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Custom Bird Feeders Variety of finsishes available White Cedar Bird Feeders
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